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Pay in restaurants without waiting for the bill

Paying in restaurants is annoying. On average it takes – all in all – 5-15 minutes. How often have you impatiently waved the server over or desperately checked the time because the train was about to leave, your Uber was arriving, your friends were waiting in the next bar or the next appointment was due?

Moreover, in groups, the inconvenient question frequently arises: How do we divide it up? Who pays what? At the end, one is usually slightly frustrated. Or everybody.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Tastier, you have your bill always up-to-date on your phone already while eating and you can pay quickly and conveniently anytime, including splitting the bill and tipping. Then you just get up and leave. To where life is now happening.

No waiting for the server, no waiting for the bill, no sending money to each other anymore.


How it works

  • Download the free Tastier App from the App Store and sign up. As a payment method, you must add a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit (prepaid) card. Additionally Lunch-Check works.

  • Go to one of our partner restaurants and enter your table number in the app ideally already when ordering. It isn’t signposted? Just ask the server.

  • Your orders are displayed immediately and always up-to-date on your mobile phone.

  • When done, just click ‘Pay’ – done! Now you can just get up and leave. You’ll get your receipt by email.


Your Benefits


Gain Time
Be fully present and leave without waiting

You’re not distracted by the nervous search for the server anymore. You can concentrate on the meal and your company – business partners, friends, your date. When you want to leave, you can pay instantly. No more lengthy waiting for the bill, no more slow payment process holding you back.

Split The Bill
No tedious ‘who’s paying how much’

You can easily split the bill evenly between the Tastier users at the table or you can simply pay the items you consumed yourself. Not everyone at the table has to have Tastier! In any case: Goodbye to manually working out who has to pay how much.

Payment Method Easily Added
Scan once

Tastier works without a separate top-up account and without linking your bank account, but with a Visa or Mastercard credit card or debit card (prepaid), which you can simply scan. You can also add a Lunch-Check card. Next time, you don’t have to re-enter a payment method.

All About Restaurants
Search, reserve and rate restaurants

With the Tastier App you can do everything that belongs to the restaurant visit: Search and reserve restaurants, pay and rate your experience.

Payment Security & Data Protection
Our Priority

Security is our top priority. When you enter a credit card in Tastier, for example, no critical data is stored on your phone, in the app or at Tastier. We work with certified partners and all communication is encrypted with highest security standards. Your data, if collected, will be secured or deleted in accordance with all applicable data protection regulations.


Download it now!


Tastier for iPhones (from iPhone 5s) is available in the App Store. Currently, we’re in a few restaurants in / around Zurich, Berne, Zug and Lucerne.
Android: coming soon, if you register below, we will let you know as soon as the app is ready for you.


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