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Optimize operational processes and customer satisfaction
with simple mobile payments

Tastier’s goal is to be the best payment solution for the gastronomy industry and to optimize the operational processes and customer relationships of gastronomy businesses.

With Tastier, your guests simply get their bill with their own mobile phone and pay and split the bill on their own without having to wait for the bill or the server. Tastier payments are settled fully automatically, so that cashing in is completely eliminated for the server. Thus Tastier saves effort while service quality, guest satisfaction, table occupancy and tip are increased.


Reasons for Tastier


  • Offer your guests the fastest and most convenient payment option currently available for gastronomy businesses

  • Your lunch guests are (business) people that are in a hurry
  • Your business is characterized by peak times
  • Your line to (order &) pay is too long
  • Some guests are dissatisfied, because they are waiting too long for the bill or to pay
  • You lose guests to surrounding (take-away) restaurants and alternative catering options
  • You want to increase your revenues with higher table occupancy

  • You have a lot of regulars
  • You frequently get groups
  • Your guests often pay separately

  • Your staff is sometimes overwhelmed or swamped with work
  • Your changing personnel is well trained in serving, not so much in cashing in
  • You have a terrace / outdoor seating that could be served better at times
  • You have no portable card reader, too few or problems with it / them

If one or more of these reasons apply to your business, Tastier is the ideal solution for you! Suitable for all restaurants, bars and clubs with table service. Contact Tastier without obligation.



How it works

  • Tastier guests assign themselves to their table by entering their table number in the Tastier App and then always have the current bill on their phone.

  • Taking orders and serving customers work as usual.

  • Tastier guests pay with their phone and the server receives a confirmation.

  • You receive your funds quickly and reliably. Thanks to its integration into the POS system, Tastier is fully integrated into server reports and daily closings. Tastier also offers extensive reports.



Your Benefits


Increase Efficiency
Save effort and cost

When guests pay with Tastier, the server’s entire effort and all distances related to cashing / payment are eliminated. No bills to bring to the table, no time-consuming bill splitting, no different payment methods, no cash, no card reader. You save effort and cost. In Counter Service, you gain valuable seconds with every Tastier guest.

Increase Revenues
Increased customer satisfaction and table occupancy

A good server advises customers and acts as a trusted salesperson. With Tastier, he / she has more time for this actual core task. Tastier tables tend to free up more quickly because guests don’t have to wait for the bill. And your guests are more satisfied – average revenue per customer, tips, table occupancy and revenues increase.

Good For Staff
Customer relationship and less work

Good service and thus personnel are central success factors. Tastier relieves service staff of administrative work, but the important personal guest relationship is maintained and can even be intensified. Service becomes faster and better. And because we understand gastronomy, we have thought of many details, such as tips and minimum training effort.

Integrated Payment Methods
Simple installation, accounting friendly processes

Tastier provides the integration of several credit and debit (prepaid) cards as well as Lunch-Checks from a single source without any additional effort – even if you do not yet accept these means of payment. Payment processing, on the other hand, is centralised, simple and accounting friendly. Through the integration into the POS system Tastier works without additional devices. So you can concentrate on your core business.


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Innovation with benefits for everyone – guests, staff, managers and owners – that’s Tastier. Find out more now or make an appointment without obligation:

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