For Restaurants


Optimized operations and incremental sales
with the self-service payment solution for your guests

With Tastier, guests can simply get their bill with their own mobile phone and pay and split the bill on their own, without having to wait for the printed bill or the server. For servers, the effort of cashing in is eliminated.


In addition, restaurateurs can make incremental sales with Tastier. Thus Tastier increases sales and optimizes operations, while service quality, table occupancy, guest satisfaction and tips are increased.

How it works

  • The server takes the order and serves the guests as usual.

  • Using their table number / a QR code, Tastier guests get their digital bill onto their mobile phone.

  • Tastier guests pay with their mobile phone and the server receives a confirmation. Tastier is fully integrated into waiter reports and day-end closings thanks to its integration into the POS system.

  • You will receive your money quickly and reliably.

Your Benefits

Increase Efficiency
Reduced effort, improved service

When guests pay with Tastier, any effort and distances related to cashing in are eliminated for the server. No bills to bring to the table, no time-consuming bill splitting, no different payment methods, no cash, no card reader. Service staff is relieved and can invest the time gained in faster and better service. Thus all guests benefit from Tastier.

Increase Revenues
Incremental sales, higher table occupancy

A waiter who is not busy collecting payment can serve other guests and make sales. Tastier also generates incremental sales through integrated, intelligent upselling configurable by you. And tables tend to free up more quickly because Tastier guests don’t have to wait for the bill, enabling you to seat the next guests faster.

Good for Staff
Personal guest relationship, tip

Good service and good staff are key success factors. Tastier relieves service staff, but the important personal guest relationship remains intact and can even be intensified. Contrary to common assumptions, Tastier increases average tip. And Tastier works so easily that everyone immediately understands it.

Simple Controlling
Accounting friendly processes, reports & analyses

Tastier provides the integration of several credit and debit (prepaid) cards as well as Lunch-Checks from a single source without any additional effort – even if you do not yet accept these means of payment. Payment processing, on the other hand, is simple and Tastier is integrated into all relevant reports thanks to its integration into the POS system. If desired, Tastier offers managers and F&B controllers additional reports and exciting analyses.

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