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Allow your customers to order anywhere, e.g. at the table, counter or bar, and to receive a push notification when their order is ready for pick-up. No queuing. No app download.

How does it work?

1. Scan QR code
2. View the menu, order
3. Pick up order

You can use Tastier the way you want it. Do you e.g. want customers to order and pay immediately or pay upon pick-up?

Whether you have a restaurant – fast casual or quick service – café, bar, club, pub, bistro, beer garden, canteen, hotel, food truck, pop-up, event, festival, kiosk or shop, whether your concept is counter service or take-away, Tastier adapts to your business.


Efficient self-service

Customers order and pay online. Your staff receives the order by printer, tablet or kitchen display and only needs to hand it over.

No hardware

Ditch your buzzer/pager/customer call system. No printing of pick-up vouchers, no number shouting. Customers get a notification on their mobile phone when their order is ready.

Convenient and cheap

Notifications arrive instantly. No phone number can be mistyped, no personal data must be entered. The best of all? Notifications are free.

Automatic order pausing

Our system detects when your kitchen / production is behind and automatically pauses new orders, so your staff is never overwhelmed.

More revenues, less queues

People won’t be put off by a long queue, because there is barely any. So they order more, increasing your revenues by up to 30%. And while they wait, they can keep on talking and relaxing with their friends, making them happier customers who will reorder and return faster.

Combine flexibly with traditional order taking

Tastier allows you to sell in person at the counter / bar while offering online “Order & Pick Up”, all with one system. Switch on/off online ordering at any moment when you need it.

Our plans – Your choice

30-days trial
Commission see Starter Model
Self-service setup: create location, room, tables, QR codes, menu: Help
Contact us for a free consultation and to unlock payouts
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1.9 % + 0.22 CHF per transaction
From 0 CHF Tastier turnover per month
Setup by Tastier: 99 CHF / Upgrade from Free Model: 59 CHF
Free support and updates
Digital order management with kitchen monitor, optionally with digital pick-up notification (for pick-up / take-away) 15 CHF per month
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1.6 % + 0.19 CHF per transaction
From 200'000 CHF Tastier turnover per month (you have more? Contact us)
Setup by Tastier: 149 CHF / Upgrade from Free Model: 89 CHF
Premium free support: email, phone, whatsapp 8 am - 10 pm 7 days a week
Digital order management with kitchen monitor, optionally with digital pick-up notification (for pick-up / take-away)
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  • Figures apply per location. Discounts for non-profits and from 3 locations
  • Commissions are all-inclusive prices: No additional charges from the credit card provider, for example (Swiss payment methods except Amex)
  • Contact us for events and short term use
  • Tastier offers Epson receipt printers and other devices should you need them. Contact us for purchase or rental

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