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With Tastier Order & Pay you enable your guests or customers to order and pay quickly and easily at any time and from anywhere. Your staff can produce the orders efficiently and hand them over or deliver them in the shortest possible time.

Use Tastier flexibly and complementarily to compensate for staff shortages and peak times or to better serve specific customer groups. Or switch all or part of your venue over to Tastier and take full advantage of the benefits of digitization.



No app download, works with all smartphones + Easy to use + Always and everywhere available + Multilingual + Allergens + All relevant payment methods + Hygienic and Covid-19-safe + Significantly faster service, no waiting in line + Higher customer satisfaction

High flexibility

Tastier only or complementary to conventional service + Table service or counter service / self pick-up + Offer easily and flexibly adjustable + Incoming orders: different options + Also suitable for large venues

Good for your business

Up to 50% larger average cart per customer + Tip + Optimized production and delivery / handover + Reports and daily closing + Few devices needed, existing ones can be used + No card reader needed

Branding & Marketing

QR codes in your design + Your logo in the app + Communicate more content, e.g. program + Gain more followers

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