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How do I register my company for free with Tastier?

Go to and follow the instructions

How do I get QR codes?

Standard and Premium models: you will receive QR codes by e-mail

Free model: log on to

  1. Create your company profile
  2. Create rooms
  • It is necessary to create at least one room
  • If you only have one room, give it a name, e.g. “All” / “Check-In” / your company name
  • The name is not important as it is only used internally
  • You should create several rooms if you have more than one (e.g. indoor, terrace) or if you want to differentiate services, their configuration or the table / room plan for different tables / areas / destinations (advanced settings, some of which are only available in the Standard and Premium models)
  1. IMPORTANT: Add “Corona contact details” for each room
  • It is not necessary to enter the “display name”
  1. Create tables
  • Tables can be named arbitrarily and can represent anything: areas, sectors, entrance / exit, an entire location, … In general terms, a table is the specific “destination” where visitors record their stay, or the place where they check-in, and which is used for contact tracing if necessary
  • You must create at least 1 table
  • If you only create 1 table, it probably represents the entire company. The more precisely you differentiate, i.e. the more tables / destinations you create, the more likely it is that the risk of quarantine for your visitors will be reduced and thus the reputation risk for your company
  • The table number must be unique for each location. Only whole numbers work as table numbers (e.g. 10, not 10.1)
  • Number of places: currently not used, ignore it (!)
  • Free text at check-in: not required in most cases, please set to “Off” / ignore
  1. Download QR codes
  • Click on “All QR codes” and download a zip file with all the codes
  • If you need to download a single QR code, only for a table, click on “QR code” in the table

What do I have to consider when printing QR codes?

  • Copy the QR codes into Word or another word processing or graphics programme
  • Copy the Tastier logo Switzerland / Tastier logo Germany (to save: right-click > save link as …) into the file. By doing this no one will be surprised when the Tastier website appears after scanning
  • Also provide the file with the respective name (for correct positioning)
  • IMPORTANT: Add short instructions for visitors – hint:
    • Corona contact data collection
    • Scan code with mobile phone camera
    • Not working? Search for in your browser
  • The last note is IMPORTANT, because scanning the QR code with the camera may not work on older Android phones. A QR code scanner appears in the browser at

Here is an example of how the print could / should look approximately.

Standard and Premium models: we are happy to offer the service of designing table charts with your logo, in any format (A4-A7, portrait / landscape), with the correct QR code and the correct table number as a ready-to-print pdf document (Premium template: free; Standard template: chargeable).

All models: you can print the ready-to-print file yourself or have it done by a print shop. Don’t forget to leave enough time for this and other essential steps such as laminating and positioning the prints.

Note: Tastier does not send prints by post.

Does Tastier offer a check-out?

Yes, and also in 5 ways:

  • By checking in at the next destination
  • With the “Check-out” button in the App
  • By scanning the check-out code (see “How do I create a check-out code?”)
  • Automatic check-out time (can be set for each room, standard is 4 hours)
  • Standard and premium models: with the operator app

All of these types can be combined with each other. What you or your visitors use depends on your concept.

When the check-out code is scanned, an explicit confirmation of the check-out (with date, time, etc.) appears. This variant is particularly recommended if the check-out has to be verifiable (e.g. in bars, discos by bouncers). Another positive side effect of having a check-out code is that people are visually reminded to do so.

With the operator’s app, you can see current registrations on a graphical table / room plan and check people at individual tables / areas. Thus, all your employees always have an overview of which tables are currently free / busy.

How do I create a check-out code?

  1. Create a room “Check-Out / Other”, add the service “Corona contact data” and set the automatic check-out time to a maximum of 15 minutes (this is the time when the check-out confirmation will be displayed on the person’s mobile phone – in many cases 5 min is enough)
  2. Create a table with the label “Successful check-out” in the room you just created and download the corresponding QR code
  3. Design the print-out of the check-out code accordingly, e.g. write in capital letters “Check-Out” and place it in a prominent position (e.g. directly on the table or at the exit)

How do I check registration?

Registration is verified by simply showing the visitor’s mobile phone: confirmation screen with a green tick containing all the necessary details.

Standard and premium models: you can use the operator app to view registrations on a table / room plan in real time and from anywhere (via PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone – even several users at the same time).

Purely statistical information on past visits will be offered shortly.

What is the operator app?

The operator app is an online solution (can be used with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs – even multiple users at the same time) with the following functions:

  • Counts current visitors (per table / area, if applicable) – several rooms / areas can be selected
  • Check all visitors (click on table / area if colour is red): this function has a direct and immediate effect on ALL current visitors in this table / area -> only to be used if the table / area has to be absolutely “cleared” (this corresponds to reality)

What should I do if I have a case of Corona?

Call our Corona hotline +41 76784 44 68. If we are not busy on another line, we will always answer (otherwise we will send an additional SMS). We collect the data and send them to you by e-mail (conditions according to contract / website).

Why can’t I download the data myself?

For legal reasons, Corona data can only be processed for Corona contact tracing and are not used for this purpose in 99.999% of cases. These are automatically deleted from Tastier after the legal retention period has expired. Therefore, for reasons of data protection, we have decided not to give data access to any company. This is in everyone’s interest – visitors, operators, Tastier – because it significantly reduces the risk of data abuse or theft (because operators’ passwords can be hacked, for example, or simply shared negligently with anyone who can view, download and use the data for any improper purpose without any problem). We want people who use Tastier every month to be confident that their data are safe and will not be used for any other purpose.

In the Premium model, we offer the possibility for operators to have self-service access to the visitor data of their business. This is done after signing a privacy agreement that guarantees the rights of visitors and Tastier.

You can find more information in our privacy policy.

Why do Corona cases cost money with Tastier?

For data protection reasons (see above), transferring data for Corona cases to Tastier is a manual process that has to be performed with the highest urgency at almost any time of the day (usually within a maximum of 2 hours). This means that a member of the Tastier team has to drop everything to get the data, investigate if necessary (e.g. did the person check-in with Tastier in the first place, if so, when / how, exactly what data is collected / verified by the company, is the data complete as expected, etc), download it, save it and send it in a legally secure manner. If necessary, we will also clarify with you the source of the request and make sure everything is in order. All this takes time and effort – which we largely take away from you, by the way, because with a self-service download you would have to do all this yourself. Furthermore, we bring all our experience from countless Corona cases into this process – to ultimately protect your business from negative consequences and maximise the safety of your visitors / guests. This works very well: no Tastier operation has ever had a problem (e.g. negative headlines, many people quarantined, lockouts).

Standard and Premium models: especially if you choose the option of manual data preparation by Tastier, you will minimise your risk as well as your work, significantly. Here, we take the time to filter out from the data those persons who, according to the database, were most likely not exposed to any risk of infection, and write the health authorities / contact tracing authorities an e-mail with the context of the data collection, which saves the contact tracer a lot of work in the subsequent process and thus minimises negative consequences.

How many Corona cases should I expect?

This is almost impossible to predict because infection rates and “hotspots” are constantly changing, both geographically and by sector. In general, large companies and those where there is less safety distance, air exchange and protective measures are more affected. However, we can statistically say that the probability of a Corona case in 1 year is on average no higher than 15% for companies so far – this means that there would have to be 6 years of Corona for each company to have, on average, 1 case of Corona.

Having said that, the cost of data transfers (see “Why do Corona cases cost money with Tastier?”) must be factored in.

What should I do in case of an inspection?

Explain how you collect contact data with Tastier. If the police / inspectors absolutely want to see the data, call our Corona hotline at +41 76 784 44 68.

I’m safe with Tastier, right?

Tastier is one of the largest providers of contact collection services and enjoys an impeccable reputation. No Tastier operation has ever had a problem (e.g. negative headlines, many people quarantined, blockages, shutdowns).

Also, unlike many of our competitors, we have not yet had a data leak and continue to do our best to keep it that way.

Compliance with all requirements relating to the collection of contact data depends primarily on the practical implementation of the technical options we make available to you. Ultimately, you are responsible for compliance with all regulations. Make sure you comply with all current federal, cantonal / state and local requirements for your type of business. For example, you can always customise the data collected with Tastier free of charge, use a check-out code, automatically verify phone numbers, etc. – Tastier meets all your needs. Contact us if necessary.

Think also about your general concept of protection. Contact tracing is very important, but it does not prevent transmission when an infected person is physically close to an uninfected person.

How do I download visit data (Premium and PowerUser model only)?

  • Access the Portal
  • Click on “Visits” in the menu on the left
  • Click on “Export” in the top right-hand corner
  • Select “Location”
  • Leave “Table” empty (download all data) or select a specific table
  • Select “Date from / to”
  • Click on “Export”
  • An Excel file will be downloaded. Save it and open it. Now you can filter the date, time, person, … and eliminate irrelevant data.

If possible, protect the file with a password and transmit the data to the health authorities as securely as possible. Then delete all data, at the latest after the legal retention period has expired.

What happens to monthly costs / event fees during a lockdown?

Contracts of unlimited duration:

  • In the case of a contractual relationship that has not been terminated, the following applies until the end of 2021: the billing of periodic costs (i.e. monthly or annual) for the contact data collection product may be paused for a total of two months during an official block, starting from the date of notification.
    • If you would like to pause, please email us immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot consider pauses retrospectively.
    • If you use the option to pause during the minimum contract period, this step will extend the minimum contract period accordingly. If you have received an invoice that covers the minimum period, it is still valid and due. After the freeze or pause, however, you will not receive an invoice for periodic charges for the duration of the pause.
  • In the event of termination, Tastier charges the full fee up to the end of the contract, i.e. including the minimum term and up to the date on which the termination becomes effective (end of the month).

Fixed-term contracts (e.g. Events):

  • The following applies until the end of 2021: you will be charged for events that cannot be held due to an official block or the duration that cannot be used due to the official block. However, you will have the opportunity to obtain equivalent services free of charge during the 12 months from the start of the contract period, whereby the period allowed to recover is defined by: from the date of notification by you, a maximum of 2 months during the blockade.
    • Send us an e-mail now. Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively consider cancellation or rescheduling of events.

In case of early termination beyond the minimum term, the notice period is normally 30 days at the end of the month. Please note that if you reorder services, normal setup fees will be charged.

I no longer need Tastier. Can you refund my money?

Tastier does not refund payments for legally rendered services.

You can cancel at any time but you still owe all outstanding payments due until the end of the contract. During this period, you can continue to use Tastier.

I ordered Tastier but I don’t need it. Can you cancel the order?

The services provided are fully charged by Tastier, including the full contractual minimum period. In other words, your cancellation request will be considered as a termination in proper time. So you still owe all outstanding payments due until the end of the contract. During this period, you may continue to use Tastier.

In exceptional cases and as a pure gesture of goodwill, Tastier may decide not to invoice in full for services not provided.

I have not yet received an invoice. Does that mean I don’t have to pay anything?

No. We are late with the invoicing. You will receive an invoice shortly.

I have not received an e-mail from Tastier

Please check your spam folder and, if possible, make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address (e.g. re-fill in the form if necessary). If you still haven’t received an email, it may have been blocked by your email provider. In this case, please send us an e-mail (see contact).

How do I create my table plan / room plan?

  1. Click on “Rooms” on the left side of the Portal
  2. Click on the room
  3. Click on a “Table plan
  4. The room has the previously defined format (length = standard / square / high). This can be adjusted in the room menu
  5. The tables assigned to the room appear on the right. These can be adjusted in the table menu
  6. To view the tables in the operator app: click on the table and drag it into the room without letting go, then release (“drag and drop”)
  7. Move the tables if necessary (click in the middle and drag, then release) and adjust their size / shape (click on the edge and move it in one direction, then release)
  8. Table shape (rectangular / round) can be adjusted in the table menu
  9. Reload the operator’s app website to see the changes and to ensure that the tables including the visit count are displayed correctly

How do I upload my documents to Tastier (e.g. Menu, protection concept)?

Upload document

  1. Click on “Documents” on the left side of the portal
  2. Click on “+ New document
  3. In “File”, click on the flag to select the language of the document then click on “Select file
  4. Upload pdf document
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other language versions of the same document (optional). For example, if you have a German and English document, both or all language versions must be uploaded to the same Tastier document. Tastier automatically recognises the user’s language and shows each user the most suitable language version. In this way, a user only sees one version of the document. If you upload multiple language versions of the same document as several Tastier documents, all users will see all language versions, which is confusing and therefore we do not recommend it
  6. Type “internal name”. e.g. “KW45 dinner menu”
  7. Enter “displayed name” – in each language for which a file has been uploaded (see 5.) e.g. IT “Menù della cena”, EN “Dinner menu”, etc
  8. Define the “order” of the visualization (optional, only relevant if several documents are displayed at the same time)
  9. Save

Publish document

  1. Click on “Documents” on the left
  2. Click on a document
  3. Click on “Publish
  4. Save

Non “scheduled” documents (see below) are displayed immediately after being published and saved without any time or space constraints (unless the document service has been activated at room level).

To be displayed to visitors, the “Documents” service must be activated in the respective room.

Document planning

  1. Click on “Documents” on the left
  2. Click on a document
  3. Click on “Plan” in the top right-hand corner
  4. Click on “+ New condition
  5. Select all or just one room. Do you want to display the document in more than one room but not all? You need to upload more than one document
  6. Specify the date with “Period: from / to”. This can also be left blank to specify unlimited validity
  7. Define the “days of the week“. If you want the document to be always displayed, select all days of the week
  8. Define the “time“. Should the document be displayed several times a day but in an interrupted manner? e.g. only at noon and in the evening? You need to upload several documents
  9. Save

Control the calendar view

  1. Click on “Documents” on the left
  2. Right-click on “Calendar view
  3. Navigate back and forth between room, month, week and day. Only published documents are displayed with the internal name
  4. Close the calendar view and, if necessary, make changes to the documents or their time schedule

How do I activate a service?

  1. Click on “Rooms” on the left
  2. Click on a room
  3. Click on “Services” on the right
  4. Click on “Add service” and select the desired service. If no service is displayed, you do not have the right to add other services
  5. Optionally, enter a proper display name in all languages relevant to you or your visitors, e.g. for the “Documents” service: menu DE, menu EN, menu FR, menu IT
    • The display name is only shown to visitors if more than 1 service is activated in the room. This means that if 1 service is activated in the room, you can save yourself by entering the displayed names
  6. Save

How do I rename a service?

  1. Click on “Rooms” on the left
  2. Click on a room
  3. Click on “Services” on the right
  4. Click on an existing service and enter a proper display name in all languages relevant to you or your visitors, e.g. for the service “Documents”: menu DE, menu EN, menu FR, menu IT
  5. The display name is only shown to visitors if more than 1 service is activated in the room. This means that if 1 service is activated in the room, you can save yourself by entering the displayed names
  6. Save

Can I set up Tastier so that a service is only displayed after another service has been performed?

For example, can I only display the menu only after entering the contact details?

No, this is not possible at the moment. In principle, we do not believe in the philosophy of limiting users and believe that there is always a better solution to achieve your goals. If necessary, please contact us to discuss this.

How do I set the language on Tastier?

Tastier detects the user’s language on all user pages (i.e. mainly in the browser “app” for users) and automatically displays Tastier in that language. This is why there is no language setting. In order to display content named or uploaded by you or specifically for your company in the user’s language, this content must be maintained in as many languages as possible in the Tastier Portal.

Contact: how can I reach Tastier?

E-Mail: Footer

Telephone & Whatsapp: +41 76 784 44 68

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?