Collect Corona Contact Information

Covid-19: Collect contact information quickly, simply and securely


Tastier is the all-round carefree solution for clubs, discotheques, bars, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, events, music festivals, parties, dance halls, trade fairs, congresses, sports and fitness facilities, camping sites, zoos, casinos, churches, swimming pools, cinemas, old people’s homes and nursing homes, associations, municipalities, schools, universities, public transport, private sector companies and all service providers in tourism destinations who want to protect their visitors, guests, customers and employees from corona by means of contact tracing.

  • Collect contact data (can be configured as required: surname, first name, telephone number, email address, street, house number, postal code, place of residence, date of birth), save them securely, delete them automatically according to legal retention period, pass them on to health authorities if required
  • Record exact time of departure (checkout)
  • Confirm mobile phone number automatically by SMS code
  • Check name against an official identity document
  • Count visitors in real time and check registration easily

Visitors or guests scan a QR Code and enter their contact details quickly and easily. You can also enter the data of visitors who do not have their own mobile phone. If desired, the mobile phone number can be verified automatically via SMS. You can check the successful registration on the visitor’s mobile phone or on a separate interface.


Fast & Simple

Everyone with a smartphone can use Tastier quickly and easily – without downloading an app: Point the mobile phone camera at the QR Code – the rest is self-explanatory. There also is a simple solution for older (Android) mobile phones that do not have a built-in QR Code scanner. Optionally, people without an own mobile phone can be registered – even old people’s homes use Tastier successfully.

Enter Data Once
Permanent registration possible

Tastier remembers the person automatically upon the first data entry. From the second time on, the person can simply check in by scanning the QR Code – even across different venues. With the optional permanent registration, users never have to enter their data again. This also applies to the optional verification of the mobile phone number via SMS: once verified, a person does not receive another SMS, regardless of where she / he goes.

International & Multi-Language
Ready for guests from all over the world

Tastier automatically adapts to the language of the visitor: English, German, French, Italian. SMS are sent quickly and reliably all over the world. And international addresses are no problem. Our data protection meets the highest international standards.

Easy Control & High Security
Quick data transfer

You can easily check the successful registration by viewing a confirmation screen on the visitor’s mobile phone. No additional equipment or manual steps are required. Optionally, you can count visitors on a table plan / area plan at a glance and check that capacity limits are being adhered to. In a Corona case, data is structured, processed and passed on with helpful context information by Tastier within 2 hours – even on weekends and holidays. Our customers have been attested exemplary behaviour in all cases, no negative headlines.

Simple & Flexible For Operators
Adapts to all needs

QR Codes will be sent to you by email and you can simply print them out. No events need to be set up. Tastier covers all needs. For example, the time of leaving (checkout) can be recorded in four different ways. Pre-registration on your website and social media channels? Different concepts / outlets in one venue? Automatic entrance control? Equipping an entire destination with Tastier? No problem.

Highest Level Of Data Protection
No ads

Tastier takes data protection extremely seriously. Data is only passed on in Corona cases. Visitor data is stored securely and is deleted completely after the legal retention period has expired. Tastier is free of advertising and the data is not used for advertising purposes.

Do More
Cover everything with 1 QR Code

Tastier offers additional products that are accessible via the same QR Code: Digital menu, ordering & payment by mobile phone, ticket sales. Take advantage of the opportunity created by Corona to digitalise your guest and visitor interactions to a greater extent. Let us advise you on an overall concept.

Get Started Or Learn More

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Contact for companies / operators:

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  • Phone / Whatsapp: +41 76 784 44 68

You can usually get started within 1 working day – if it is urgent, please fill in the form and then call us.


Price: From 50 CHF per month (permanent use) or per day (events) plus options. Discounts on request – please contact us.





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