Tastier integrates Lunch-Check

Thanks to the partnership with Swiss Lunch-Check soon all Tastier users can load their Lunch-Check Card in Tastier and pay with their phone without having the card with them. This is possible in all restaurants that accept the recently launched Lunch-Check Card and work with Tastier.
In comparison with other payment apps, Tastier has a simple to use, hardwarefree ‘self-service’ payment solution for guests that is built specifically for gastronomy businesses. Guests can pay their bill autonomously with a few clicks on their phone – tip included – without involvement of the server, without a credit card terminal and without waiting for the bill. They can also easily split the bill amongst each other.
Restaurant managers benefit from lower effort, better service, more revenues as well as the ability to address guests more individually – at the same attractive price as with the Lunch-Check Card and paper-coupons. Additionally, Tastier offers customer acquisition and retention functionalities and is a marketing platform for restaurants.
Being publicly available in the second half of 2016, the Tastier App enables all Lunch-Check Card users to virtually register their card in the app. Besides Lunch-Check, other payment methods can be used with Tastier, e.g. credit card and Paymit.
Tastier is now available for selected restaurantssign up here without any obligation.